3D Modelling / 2D Drawings (Terrestrial Laser Scan)

Focus Provides cost effective and efficient service converting your point cloud to 2D Drawings or 3D modelling. Our inhouse qualified and experienced staffs can help you convert your point cloud or scans to different level of details ranging from LOD 100 to 500. Do you have a project for a accurate measurement? Or do you have a project you require a 3D model for renovation purposes get in touch with us so you have a accurate plan for your requirement.

  • Scan to BIM
  • Historical Preventions
  • Oil and Gas Plant Platforms
  • Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing
  • 2D Floor Plans / Elevation / Sections
We can help you to plan and develop your project.
3D Modelling / 2D Drawings Services

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM, Focus is specialised in 3D Modelling of a Building to different level of details. Our quality management system helps every project to meet the standards as specified by our clients.


Historical Preventions

For Historic and Heritage Sites/Buildings Focus delivers Models as specified by client so they can have a model ready for inspection or for re construction which benefits architects to reduce their time by using our accurate model.

Oil and Gas Plant Platforms

Modelling of Oil and gas plants can be challenging, given its precise needs for timely inspection, we at Focus give utmost priority to the quality process so our client can have an accurate model ready for inspection.


Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing

Focus has maintained its standards for Modelling of Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing elements for different level of size and can adhere to the complete specifications which is shared during modelling process.

2D Floor Plans / Elevation / Sections

Team Focus also provide 2D drawings for clients with accurate dimensions and precision for Buildings and MEP structures ready for inspection which helps our architect clients to make sure the structures and dimensions are within the specification set.

Substation 3D Model

Focus provides 3D models of substation or powerhouse like structures, transformers, all kind of electrical entities like cables etc.This can be used for adding power stations, assert management, new procurements for up gradation.


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